Don’t forget the landmarks your ancestors left. They will help guide you through life’s journey. Proverbs 22:28 (adapted)

It’s worth remembering that generations have come and gone before us. Because of that, we don’t have to grope through dark and difficult times. We can learn from the work, the traditions and the practices of our ancestors. Their legacy provides landmarks that help us find our way along life’s winding road.

Whether the landmarks left by your ancestors are reminders of wise decisions and God-honoring lifestyles or not, they are still markers. They are markers from which you can learn. Those markers may warn you of pitfalls to avoid. They may point out which paths are well worn, and which ones have yet to be explored. They may give you the confidence you need to continue a journey that others had just begun.

The landmarks left by the great pillars of our faith are also worth our attention. They reveal the kinds of decisions and practices that lead to victorious living. They remind us of the direction God wants our lives to take. At the same time, they encourage our faith, by reminding us of what God can do with those who faithfully follow the Good Shepherd!

So, as you go from day to day, remember to look for the landmarks left by those who went before you. Use them to mark your pathj0438533, and to guide the decisions you make. Let them warn you away  from self-destructive paths, and strengthen your commitment to following Jesus Christ.

Let the landmarks that are left from the past help you to reach the future God has planned for you!

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