Where Do You Turn For Help?

“My eyes are ever toward the Lord for he will pluck my feet out of the net. (Psalm 25:15) NRSV

David was a man who had lots of enemies. Even some of his own family plotted against him. Maybe that’s because he courageously took an unwavering stand for God and for God’s people. Whatever the reason, there were many who wanted him dead, and his kingdom destroyed.Earth in Danger

David knew that his life was in danger. He knew he needed help. He needed a way of staying free from the traps, snares and plots against him.

What could one man possibly do against so many enemies? He could never uncover all the plots against him. He knew that he had no hope of outwitting all his enemies.

Instead of trying to outsmart everyone, David turned to God. He stopped looking at his problems, and started looking to God for answers. He put his full faith and trust in the Lord. He actually believed that he had a better chance of surviving if he kept looking to God, rather than looking out for trouble.

Stop looking at problems. Look to God!

This approach actually made a lot of sense. Time and time again David had survived against all odds, because God came to his rescue and kept him safe. Those experiences taught David that God is faithful and God’s love is steadfast!

David’s experience taught him that his life depended more on God than on his circumstances. That meant if he focused on doing what God wanted, then no giants, no lions, jealous children or crazed kings could stop him. So David made sure that his eyes were turned toward the Lord!

Do what God wants, and nothing will stop you!

MP900444069[1] What a great way to live! We can all take our eyes off the challenges, pressures and threats that press in around us. We can look to God, who is able to pluck us out of every net, trap and problem situation. We can spend more time and energy on serving God, and working for God’s kingdom purposes, than on worrying and watching our backs.

God is our mighty fortress. The Lord is our refuge and your strength, an ever present help in time of trouble! Those who put their trust in God will be secure!

Look to God and your steps will be secure!



You have the answer to every problem, the strength to overcome every enemy and the wisdom to foil every threat. Help me to keep my eyes on you, to trust in your steadfast love, and to stay focused on doing your will.


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