The Best Measuring Stick Ever!

“[We should] measure the size of our obstacles against the size of our God.” Beth Moore

In my experience, stress can cause lots of problems. That’s especially true when the stressors in my life are more than I can handle.

Many of us are quite good at managing stress. It takes a lot to unsettle us. MP900409084[1]

But when stress gets to big to handle, all  kinds of things start to occur. We begin to suffer emotionally. We start behaving maladaptively. We think irrationally, and our spiritual moorings come unglued.

Beth Moore’s words suggest that we could avoid all that pain and the problems stress causes, if we used the right measuring stick. I think she is right.

MP900314254[1] When stressors appear, we usually measure up our situations. We measure how big the demands on us are. Then we measure how big the resources are that we have to fall back on.

If our resources are big enough to meet the demands we face, there is no stress. After all, stress is not stressful if we think we can meet life’s demands with the resources we have. But, if it looks like the demands on us will exceed our resources, we start to experience all the ill effects of stress.

So when we size up our resources, we need to include God in the measurement. With God working in us, we have the power that goes beyond anything we could ask or imagine. That makes God our greatest asset!


If we measure our challenges against the God we serve, our stress will seem much more manageable. The yoke we bear will be easy, and our burden light, just like Jesus said it would be!

So next time you feel stress coming on. Stop and take some measurements. Size up you situation. Then measure your God.

As you do, your fear will subside. Christ’s peace will replace your worry, and you will be empowered to step forward in victorious faith!

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